Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Poppa!

It's my dad's birthday today! So I made him a pop-up card.

How do you like those poorly drawn Star Wars characters? ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

100% on my art history exam!

The class average was a 79, so I'm feeling pretty good :)
Now I get to study my butt off for exam #2 coming up next week.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspiration: Water

I've found that a lot of my life revolves around water. Work, sport and leisure. It's hard to explain just how much water means to me (and yes, I realize that sounds ridiculous) but it's true! I joined the high school swim team and fell in love with the sport in 2004. Because of that swim team I met the love of my life in 2007. I took up a job as a swim instructor and lifeguard that has provided me with most of my work experience, as well as numerous friendships and moments that I will never forget. And finally, I've had a pool in the backyard of my home, that has been the center of most all of my family activities since 2000. In these ways water to me stands for so much more than it actually is. It's friendship, family and love. It's truly inspirational to me.

These are some artist's images relating to water that I just love.

Damien Pyret's Swim & Steam series



Alyssa Monks

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today has been an upper and downer sort of day. Completely. 

Rest in peace, Grandpa Alex. Love and miss you.

Good news to make the day a bit brighter; I was accepted into the College of Education. Now begins the craziness of cohorts, mid-tiers and student teaching. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life Update

New fancy pens, woooo!

Just a bit of an update of what is going on in my life, relating to this blog...

I signed my minor yesterday. ART HISTORY! Oh yes, should be lotssss of fun. 

I have my pre-graduate audit this Friday, which one normally gets before their last year in college. Well, my advisor said it would be beneficial because I've transferred around so much, and have 2 majors, to really help me understand exactly what I have left to complete. So for me, it does not mean graduate in a year, but I'm hoping it does show me that all I have left is 2 (here's hoping).

Also, I am in preparation to apply for the BFA program. The applications are due in about 3 weeks. I really need to get this application right the first time, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time on it. I'll post my question responses and portfolio on here once it is all finalized.

For my Art for the Middle School class, we are going to start teaching at a Montessori school in a town close to Mount P. I am very excited! My friend Paige and I will be teaching a 1st - 3rd grade class (yeah, not a middle level class, but they needed help in all grade levels) every other friday morning. I'll try to document what we teach and the resulting art projects from the students.

...and I think that is it for now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

In the spirit of Valentine's Day and trying to be as cheesy and overly "Valentine-y" as possible, I made this for Ben! Valentine's beer! Of course an idea I discovered through Pinterest.

The process involved buying a 6 pack of beer and having a good time covering up the packaging with gaudy pink and red stuff! Difficult, I know.

My boyfriend Ben isn't a big fan of sweets, but he is a large fan of beer. I thought this would be a fun/cute little thing to give him.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Just another sketchbook entry.

It's been a bit of an up and down sort of weekend. I started this on Friday and for some reason even sitting down to draw/paint felt frustrating. I'm pretty sure it's a bad sign when something you usually do to unwind keeps your frustration afloat. I put it down and picked it back up tonight. If anything, I'm just proud I finished.

Textbook Quote

Sometimes I love reading my Art for Life textbook.

"Music videos on MTV often rely on slick, suggestive images to make up for a lack of musical talent."


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Middle School Art Journal

For my Art for the Middle School class, we learned how to make a basic sketchbook. Thinking back to myself as a middle schooler, I would have LOVED to know how to make this. Basically you take 3 sheets of paper, folded, and then put within one another, into what is called a signature. Make as many signatures as you want and then bind them together using a simple coptic stitch. Use two pieces of anything sturdy (something as simple as cardboard works) for the cover. Decorate the cover in any way you please and there you go! Your own homemade journal. :)

The 2 times I have done book binding in class I have absolutely adored it. It will without a doubt be incorporated into my classroom one day.

This is my journal with my personalized cover!

 I gave myself a bit of a scrunchy face, but whateverrrrr.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Religion Class= Doodle Time

You know, you'd think because I want to be a teacher I would pay attention in class. Don't get me wrong, I try really, really hard to pay attention. However, this religion class I am taking is one of the most boring, waste of my time classes ever. I feel truly bad saying that because my teacher is so nice. But really. It's so boring.

So I'm trying to use the time I have to be there the best way I can. So I doodle! I'm going to be an art teacher, right? Doodling should be required.

I promise iI'll be making some non-doodle related art in the next couple of days.

Oh! And another thing...I think I did amazingly well on my art history exam. Yayuhhh!